Sewing My Heart Out.

I may need beta blockers.

I’m doing it all right now. Everything. Ev-re-thing. ALL THE THINGS.

I both crave and loathe this chaos, setting it all in motion, soaking it all up, then Running Away. Far, Far, Away.

I have to force myself to slow. down. and. focus. on. one. thing.

The other day, Sarah’s very loose tooth meant a visit from the tooth fairy was imminent. And this child had yet to receive her very own Tooth Fairy’s Purse and God only knows where that pattern went. But I summoned the courage to dive back in to cutting, ironing, stitching, pressing, turning, pressing, stitching….and it was like the sun came out a little. And all I wanted was a vast stretch of time in front of me to sew, and plan, and create, and finish all the ideas that washed over me in that small moment.

Those little feet rush down the stairs, ecstatic, grinning ear to ear she presents her lost tooth and exclaims “Ellen punched me in the face!”

And we carry on, the tooth fairy arrives with her treasure, and sisters continue on in their particular fashion, and we have a life and love and we’re lucky and grateful and happy in our chaos.

I did manage to make a few extra Tooth Fairy Purses and they are in the shop. The pattern is there too.

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